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seam repairs, button replacements, or something much more advanced like a fine clothing restoration, you can rest assured you are working with capable hands.

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exacting standards & Precision

Our in-house tailoring team provides alteration and repair services out of our shop in downtown Salt lake City. Schedule an Alteration Appointment in-shop for a fitting with one of our Personal Clothiers.

During your complimentary fitting, we will discuss options, make recommendations, and ensure we are able to bring your clothing to your desired fit. Our work spans gender, style goals, fit preferences, and is offered for multiple products: suits, sport coats, outerwear, shirts, blouses, skirts, denim, and casual wear.

Our tailoring team boasts several decades of combined experience at the sewing machine. Our priority is always your experience and the quality of our work.

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Suit Jacket Alterations:

Jacket Sleeve Reduction: $45 - $150
Jacket Sleeve Lengthen: $65
Jacket Waist Taper: $40 -$145
Jacket Side Taper: $55 - $145
Shorten Jacket: $140
Lengthen Jacket: $175
Add Monogram: $50
Adjust Sleeve Cap: $220
Move Buttons:$7
Remove Peak Lapel: $75
Reduce Shoulder: $225

Suit Pant & skirt Alterations:

Pant Waist Alteration: $25
Pant Hip Alteration: $45
Take In Seat: $25
Taper Pant: $55
Shorten Pant: $35
Lengthen Pant: $55
Add Loops: $75
Replace Zipper: $55
Add Cuff: $45
Adjust U-Rise: $55
Skirt Waist Alteration: $55
Shorten Skirt: $75
Skirt Add Slit: $55

More thorough pricing available in shop. Contact us with any questions.

Custom work is available upon request, but please note that we do not offer tailoring services for wedding gowns, dresses, drapery, blankets, or complex patch work.

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