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Two men in bright blue suits and black ties.

Using traditional squared angles and straight lines, men’s, or masculine cut custom suits have a classic silhouette and drape.

While many of our patterns share these traditionally masculine aesthetics, there are countless variations on the masculine cut suit. Including modern fit, slim fit, Italian-cut, English-cut, and more.. all of which can be further customized with taper, length, and stance.


women in white suit

Feminine cut suits tend to have more contours, darts, and tapers than masculine or androgynous suit patterns, making them more varied in silhouette and drape. Following tradition these suits are made-to-measure in order to fit every body shape uniquely.

With the added nuance of a feminine cut patterns, colors and even fabric choices, it’s all the more important to have your suit custom made to your measurements.


androgynous women in suit

These suits are designed without any preconceptions of cut or silhouette, androgynous custom suits can be a mix of slim, baggy, squared, round, or anything in between.

Your custom suit should reflect who you are and how you want to be seen. It should be comfortable both in fit, and in peace of mind. There are no limits to what a piece of clothing can achieve, if you can dream it, we can create it.

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Your wedding is an opportunity to invest in yourself, allowing you to feel confident and at your best when you reach the aisle. Custom wedding suits are crafted precisely to your fit preferences, securing a flattering and comfortable cut. Whether you are planning for a formal, luxurious getaway, or something simple and budget-conscious, we have a large variety available to help you plan the perfect wedding.

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Casual & Business

Born from tradition, these suits are meant to be worn daily. Your everyday suit collection should function how you need it to. From fabrics that are waterproof to fabrics with stretch and elasticity, these suits are meant to endure any situation. These suits are meant for the everyday, from dawn till dusk from lawyers and executives, to hosts and bartenders. With over 15,000 fabrics to choose from you'll find your custom everyday suit at Tailor Cooperative.

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women suit in front of building
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women's suits

If you're out on the town or simply jumping from meeting to meeting you need a wardrobe that fits any function. A well curated collection of fabrics and colors will make sure you're ready for any event your life or career take you.

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black man in custom tuxedo
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Formal tuxedos

Iconic in nature and crafted with passion, a tuxedo is the ultimate choice. For the most formal events of life there isn't anything that can top a completely custom made-to-measure tuxedo suit. For galas, weddings, dinner parties or honoring tradition, our tuxedos are crafted precisely to your fit preferences, while securing a flattering and comfortable cut. With a vast range of colors, fabrics and designs you can create a one of a kind statement that will last through the centuries.

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priced to your selection

Core collection suits:

$949 - $1,495
classic collection suits:

$1,495 - $2,495
Heritage collection suits:

custom shirts:

starting at $200
custom pants:

starting at $350
custom sport coats

starting at $595
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custom shirts

You Dream it... we create it

A shirt means so much to a wardrobe, it is the foundation that gives a style, a look. Something to be obsessed about and create with great intention.

Custom shirts are first chosen based on the time of year. As the weather changes so does fabric and color choices. From floral prints to stripes and everything in between, there is a shirt designed for it.

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