Our Story, from the beginning

solemnly dedicated to balance between old-school tailoring traditions &
modern innovation

Solemnly dedicated to the balance between old-school tailoring traditions & modern innovation.

Before establishing Tailor Cooperative in 2016, our founders harbored a deep passion for the tailoring business. In England, they were first introduced to the art of fully-canvassed jackets. In Shanghai, they were inspired by the digitization of pattern making.

In Italy, it was the Milanese buttonhole, hand sewn into fabrics woven by century-old looms. In Vietnam, they walked the open air textile markets. And on Savile Row, where suiting is most revered, it was the heritage and commitment to tradition that left a lasting impression.

These well-traveled ideals inspired and invigorated an already fanatical reverence for craftsmanship… but it was right here in Utah that the reality of Tailor Cooperative was born, where it was fever-dreamed from the ether on a long backpacking trip in the wilderness, and at last founded, established, and brought to life in downtown Salt Lake City.

Soon, the perfect space was secured in a restored art studio, in one of the old historic buildings on Pierpont Avenue. Things were different then. Our shop was smaller, our fabric offering was limited, and our team was comprised of a few scrappy, fire-eyed clothiers.

As much as things have changed since our founding, the most important things remain the same: all of our clothing is still tailored from scratch, and is made to measure for each and every client. We remain solemnly dedicated to the balance between both the old-school tailoring traditions, and the modern innovations in the way great suits are made.

We despise gimmicks. We love truth. We wax poetic, and frequently curse. And, though our collection has grown, we still partner with only the finest fabric houses in the world, accepting nothing less than the best materials and origins.

These things comprise our most closely-held values: craftsmanship, tradition, quality, and a bold sense of invention and experimentation. The core tenets of fashion itself, and of style.

And over the years, we’ve learned that this city has a style all its own. It has an appetite for custom, for quality, for bold fabrics, and for time-honored tailoring techniques that allow unique individuals access to unique and meaningful wardrobes.

We truly believe style to be a damn fine thing and that everyone deserves a well-curated, high-quality, life-long and deeply personal wardrobe. We believe in helping our clients fill that wardrobe… and in helping them wear it exceptionally well.

After all, it’s your style. Take it personally.

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