a truly custom wardrobe

Whether you want to design something bold & unique or need a simple peacoat, your wardrobe will be completely your own.

custom denim:

starting at $249
custom outerwear:

starting at $695
custom shoes:

starting at $345
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custom denim

Starting at $245

selvedge Denim

"Selvedge" comes from "self-edged" and refers to denim woven tightly for a full finished edge. It's harder and slower to produce than non-selvedge denim due to narrower looms, but for enthusiasts, there's no substitute.

raw denim

Raw denim is unwashed and unworn fabric, stiff from the loom to sale. Each pair of raw denim jeans is unique, as the breaking-in process creates individual wrinkles, fades, and wear patterns.

stretch denim

Our custom stretch denim offers comfort and versatility, with various shades and stretch levels available. It's a unique everyday option that is versatile and one-of-a-kind as it fades uniquely to its owner.

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custom outerwear

Man puts on custom wool coat.
at $595


Start with a classic base and either leave the styling to your Personal Clothier, or take control yourself.

Just like our custom suiting, outerwear is entirely made-to-measure and customizable. Buttons, lapel widths, straps, interior pockets and linings... you dream it, we create it.

Warm, Stylish & timeless

We have created coats of every class and distinction. Cashmeres, tweeds, cottons, and winter wools abound. Mandarin collars, shooting pleats, storm tabs, patch pockets. Hunting jackets, peacoats, field jackets and more.

The options are expansive and endless. Whichever of our fine fabrics you prefer, we will craft it into a custom fitted jacket, in the style you prefer.

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custom shoes

Bright tan shoes being shined.
at $245

Handmade in Spain

Each shoe is uniquely crafted for you with premium materials. Choose from a wide range of styles, lasts, leathers, and colors during your fitting. Our specialties include dress shoes, loafers, golf shoes, boots, slippers, and casual footwear, offering endless options.

Selection of materials

We provide handmade shoes with a choice of construction methods: Blake stitch for flexibility or Goodyear welting for superior craftsmanship. Our shoes are crafted from a wide range of premium materials including suedes, sartorial fabrics, hand-painted leathers, and more.

Made to last a lifetime

We prioritize lasting quality, ensuring our footwear can last a lifetime. Available in half-size increments from US size 5 to US size 17, with various width options. During your fitting, we'll guide you through lasting options and provide sample shoes for the perfect fit.The dedication to superior lasting quality means

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