a truly custom wardrobe

Whether you want to design something bold & unique or need a simple peacoat, your wardrobe will be completely your own.

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Starting at $245

selvedge Denim

The word “selvedge” is a derivative of the phrase “self-edged” … and selvedge denim is exactly that:

Woven for a tighter, more nuanced weave, ending in a full, finished edge.

Selvedge denim is harder and slower to produce (a 31” loom width is the maximum limit for selvedge … nearly half the bolt-width of non-selvedge looms).

But for dedicated denim enthusiasts, there is no substitute for selvedge.

raw denim

Raw denim means the fabric hasn’t been washed or “broken-in.” It is woven on the loom, dyed, sewn, finished, and sold stiff.

When one buys raw denim jeans, the breaking-in process makes every pair unique. Every wrinkle, every faded line, every pattern of wear is one of a kind, specific to that individual.

Denimheads take great pride in the breaking-in of raw denim. It is without a doubt a large part of the charm of wearing fine, custom denim. And most of the denim we sell is sold raw for this very reason.


stretch denim

If raw denim isn’t for you, our custom stretch denim is a phenomenal option for many reasons.

Available in several shades of indigo and levels of stretch, and completely made-to-measure, there’s practically nothing more comfortable in all the world.

Stretch denim has exceptional comfort and is considered the every day denim option. It's versatile and totally unique to every pair as stretch denim begins to fade on it's owner.

Custom outerwear
Man puts on custom wool coat.
at $595


Start with a classic base and either leave the styling to your Personal Clothier, or take control yourself.

Just like our custom suiting, outerwear is entirely made-to-measure and customizable. Buttons, lapel widths, straps, interior pockets and linings... you dream it, we create it. Schedule a first fitting today.

Warm, Stylish & timeless

We have created coats of every class and distinction. Cashmeres, tweeds, cottons, and winter wools abound. Mandarin collars, shooting pleats, storm tabs, patch pockets. Hunting jackets, peacoats, field jackets and more.

The options are expansive and endless. Whichever of our fine fabrics you prefer, we will craft it into a custom fitted jacket, in the style you prefer.

Custom shoes
Bright tan shoes being shined.
at $245

Handmade in Spain

Each shoe we make is made-to-order, crafted for you alone with the best premium materials you could find. At your fitting, we’ll work with you to select from hundreds of styles, lasts, leathers, and colors to craft the perfect shoe.

We specialize in dress shoes, loafers, golf shoes, dress boots, luxury slippers, and premium casual footwear. The options are endless.

Selection of materials

With each shoe crafted by hand, we offer clients the choice of construction methods. Many opt for the Blake stitch, allowing for a more flexible, natural feel in the shoe. Some instead select the original Goodyear welting method, known for years as a superior workmanship, and requiring over 100 steps to complete.

All shoes are made from our vast offering of materials: Suedes, Sartorial Fabrics, Hand Painted Leathers, Hand Made Patina Crust, Polished Calfs, Patent Leather, and more.


Made to last a lifetime

The dedication to superior lasting quality means that every piece of footwear can last a lifetime.

Our shoes are offered in half-size increments between US size 5 and US size 17, in a variety of width options. In your fitting, we’ll advise you on lasting options and have you try on several sample shoes to help you find the perfect fit.

at $180

You Dream it... we create it

A shirt means so much to a wardrobe, it is the foundation that gives a style, a look. Something to be obsessed about and create with great intention.

Custom shirts are first chosen based on the time of year. As the weather changes so does fabric and color choices. From floral prints to stripes and everything in between, there is a shirt designed for it.

To get started, simply schedule your fitting below.

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