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Every component is carefully selected and expertly assembled, resulting in the finest clothing you’ll ever own – a timeless statement of your personal style.

Styled, fit, and finished in Salt Lake City.

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We believe that everyone deserves a well-curated, high-quality, life-long and deeply personal wardrobe
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"Love this place! The biggest challenge to a tailored suit is the process it takes to get the right fit. These guys have it dialed in. And on the rare chance—like mine—that it takes some extra steps. They go above and beyond to take those steps as a show of great customer service."

- Caleb A.

"I am a public school teacher that lives here in the valley. I went to the people at Tailor Cooperative to get a suit for my wedding. I learned so much about the suit that I was going to buy and I was given so many options. They made me feel special.

When the suit came there was one or two things that needed to change and they went above and beyond to get it right.


- Tommy B.

"My wife and I had our wedding suits custom made with Tailor Cooperative and the whole experience was such a highlight of our wedding.  They are very inclusive and I loved that they were gender inclusive and had options for suits of all genders, not just specifically catered to men. Our suits turned out more beautifully than we ever thought."

- Madison R.

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